48 Sunhill Rd, Glen Iris VIC

An earthly treat today. In the middle of the chinz and gilded stronghold of Glen Iris sits this breathtaking residence of organic textures, neutral tones and bushblock vibes – all trademarks of the brothers Sibbel, a Victorian-via-Holland partnership of two brothers whose built legacy of Modern project homes mostly spanning the 60s to 70s we’ll list whenever one pops up, such is their timeless appeal, enduring practicality and stunningly tranquil ambiance. This example is of relatively grand proportions and is presented in incredibly mint condition with the materials and design as the alpha and omega – no need of adornment in the slightest. Sadly in the past we have seen other Sibbel homes which are no longer with us, however we believe the appeal of this one is of such powerful and visceral indigenous beauty, it will be enough to keep it standing and solid through the decades to come.

23A Wonga Rd, Ringwood North VIC

We got word of this one less than 24 hours ago and we’ve become so obsessed with this dreamy offering we have to get it up right here, right now. So, for your consideration; a large casa for families, never before sold. In unfathomably brilliant condition and intact as the day it won top honours in the 1971 Melbourne House of The Year awards. Designed and built by notable eastern suburbs progressives (and historically recognised) brothers Sibbel, and simply jaw dropping in its deployment of timber (including Oregon beams), glazing, tile and space. With beautiful orientation (don’t let those dum dum agents with their incorrect compass on the floor plan trick you – of course the living aims North), a half acre of landscaped gardens and pool this is not only a stunningly designed home, but an expansive one for true MCM wonderland-in-the-‘burbs lifestyle. A home of celebration, warm friendship and family. As Megan, a family member, attests:

“….My parents were great entertainers. Fondue parties by the big open fireplace in the lounge with friends, kids running wild while adults drank claret from goblets on the front terrace and BBQ’d sides of beef and listened to jazz records on the state of the art record player. My brother even got married there! At one stage we even kept a horse in the back garden for a weekend. So many wonderful memories.”

Now is the time has arrived for a similarly minded family to take over this impeccable home, make it theirs and continue on such traditions of the best life. We put it out there and make the call in all sincerity, that it may be answered by only the most appreciative and best suited.

PS – Now, we know agents gonna agent but we’re firing another shot over the bow of that ‘immersive experience’ DIY feature they keep pushing. On an historical home like this? Just no. We are doing our best here to curb a culture which encourages wilful destruction wrought by self-anointed interior ‘specialists’ who believe that replacing solid timber and tile with white-paint and Bunnings jank is somehow ‘home improvement’, when it’s nothing but the nauseating effluvial backwash from watching too much commercial TV.  In other words – if anyone even thinks about changing up those interiors, because their cognitive shortcomings can’t identify quality and timelessness in front of them, there will be white-hot rage emanating from us, guaranteed.

30 Astley St, Montmorency VIC

Monty’s never gonna let you down with the likes of this. An absolute ripper. Straight and clean as they come*, in an Australian native palette of red/brown tones and opposing textures, dialling up the cosy. Oh, and big props also to the agents for espousing the virtues of slate flooring, flawless timber and brick, instead of dismissing their inherent beauty in favour of a cheap whitewash – we wish wish there were more of you to go round!

*Architects – Herman and Martin Sibbel