82 Hawken Dve, St Lucia QLD

Eeeeeeeeeee! Finishing this week on an alpine high, we have maybe the most heart stoppingly original residence we’ve seen in QLD in literally years. To wit; designed by acclaimed Queensland Modernist architect Stephen Trotter* of Fulton Trotter and Partners (do not click here if you wish to spare yourself from the article of the outrageous demolition of their original office building in 2013). Built in 1963 for the current owner who, bless, has kept it like new for the last 52 years that alone a rare feat indeed. And the home itself? Pass the brown paper bag – we must get some CO2! The light and windows. The radical bedroom/ensuite layout. The stunning timber ceiling and walls. The fireplace. That bulkhead lighting. The breeze blocks. The fat laminex. And is that an abstract tile mural behind the stove?

*getting woozy again*

It light of all this goodness, we put out a super special call for a super special owner, someone who not merely loves this home, but worships it, and will live within the very ideals and care which has seen such beauty pass through decades intact. For to paint over that wood, or knock out some brick would be, to our minds, akin to tearing the whole thing down.



*for further reading check out Trotter’s published report,’Cities in the Sun’, written after his win of the RAIA Sisalation Prize, the same year this home was built. (and see the winners in other years for a veritable hit list of the best Australian Modernist architects of the era).