8 Mayheck St, Tarragindi QLD

Shut the door and GET OUT.
Queensland has this year turned from intermitant scrapper to strongest in the field in the suppliying-us-with-sensational-listings stakes. This one giving us no Sunday rest with a trumphant presentation of boundless MCM joy we’re not sure which to coo and ahh over first. Is it the kitchen with outstanding, all original timber and lamiex joinery? The terrazzo downstairs flooring? The stright-as-a-die, overall built form of right angles comprised of flawless brickwork? The verndah tiles? Timber dividers? Lavender bathroom….the list is long and by jove it must not be messed with. Brisbane Modernists, we’ve given you a lot to aim for recently and if you’ve not landed anything as yet, then the fates declare this one must be for you. Hop to it. 

23 Windmill St, Tarragindi QLD

Cute as a button with a street name to match, we are a little surprised this one hasn’t been snapped up yet. Such a lovely little Mid-Century home, of splendid presentation and with plenty of scope to move in, improve it a tad or maybe not at all. 

90 Toohey Rd, Tarragindi QLD

Brisvegans take note. Tonight we post up an beloved, architect designed home (c.1958), finally heading out of the hands of its original owners who built it. The family has alerted us to this sale (and provided a couple of sensational photos to boot – sunhat.want!) and we are more than keen to show you all.  Perhaps we can help find a buyer, to cherish this 1959 beauty as it ought to be. C’mon gang – let’s do this!

**Update** Just a little extra joy to note – 
“I spoke to dad this morning and he said the builder was Luxfords and it was a spec home. He thinks there were only two others by the same architect in Brisbane but he can’t remember the architect’s name, only that he was from Sydney. It was varnished wood( maritime varnish) which made it very different for the time. 
The photo of mum in the hat was taken for House and Garden magazine. 
Dad said a week after they bought it for £3200 the builder wanted to buy it back for £50 extra as an artist from Annerley was desperate to have it but they said no!”

41 Isabella St, Tarragindi QLD

This late Mod, 1970s getaway is a bit of a mystery bag. Is it the home/office of QLD architect Basil T Veal? And assuming so is, it one of his designs? Who is to know. All we can say is that its a curious combination of classic earth tones with soaring vertical forms, recalling the jungle pyramids of Central America and an added twist of heady party-pad (maybe its the pool and that central kitchen – oh the 70s!). Recently on the market, its already been snapped up. So just sit back and survey this home in all it’s long-standing glory, it certainly is some “Hot Stuff” (Allan, you card, two can play at that game).


43 Monkton St, Tarragindi QLD

A great project, with seemingly not a huge amount of work for reward. So beautifully looked after by it’s owners for the last 40 years there nothing a bit of paint (not sure about the current peppermint crisp palette!), sanding and perhaps a new kitchen wouldn’t do here to make it sing once more. Much of Queensland is blessed with conditions to create magical gardens, yet all the more reason to sign on the line, roll up your sleeves and make this house the coolest on the block once more.