16 Wentworth St, South Hobart TAS

Posthaste to the chiase gang, lest your knees buckle for this one, as the kids like to say, slays.
From the very outset the stunning timber and brick countenance with white window detail, to the interior skillion beamed living and considered expanses of glazing (bedecked with an awesome never-before seen chevron light fitting) is not only of an inconceivably spotless and original condition but is even furnished with a pared back simplicity which suggests a certain itegrity of the owner, all of which conspire to make this home easily the best Tassie contribution of the year thus far. As with the cream of the crop, we’ll let the photos mostly do the talking, but not without a warning that such unmolested originality must not fall into the hands of a self-styled renovator whose only concept of ‘improvement’ is to thickly apply white paint and cesar stone to any and any and all surfaces, as the the agent declares:
“it is unsullied by insensitive attempts at renovation and retains all of it’s cool, retro chic – characteristics that are so often sought out or emulated today, but rarely found.” 
Indeed Kim*, we are all with you on that. 

*Speaking of the agent we must make note here that the startling brilliance of this home is utterly matched by the learned and appreciative sales pitch by said agent, to which we give a solemn Orson Wells ovation – Brava! 

158A Steele St, Devonport TAS

Neat, stright and true. This little ripper with just enough Mid-Cenutry vibe but also plenty of scope to open it up and see where you can go. And really, a whole house, in this condish with these lovely pared back lines starting at $200k? Yep, it’s not a bad prospect all round. 

64 Gascoyne St, Kings Meadows TAS

Reading through the agents blurb we’re not too sure if this was the work of Thomas Tandy, or rather a local example comparable to his architecture, which is a roundabout way of saying this is an elegant slice of Mid-Century Modernist domesticity in the ‘hood. Though the images are a little obstructed by furnishings we are turning down the snark today and are simply happy to celebrate that this rather gorgeous little home of concrete brick and butterfly roofline which has been looked after, remains unextended and intact.

5/1 Percy St, Devonport TAS

To those cynics out there who claim that this ‘fad’ of Mid-Century Modernist design is only for the wealthy, who deride it as a cycling ‘trend’ for bored housewives-cum-influencers or snooty architecture nerds with effortless incomes – we say pooh pooh! In the spirit of considered design for the masses as it shimmered and spread across all corners of our country at the time, here is a classic example of not only the beautiful internationalist aesthetic but also unrivaled affordability. Hats off to those clued in cool-cats who know what they have with this one, and have sought to celebrate it with a pared-back and retrained refresh (even if it’s not even noticed by the agent!). A simple stunner to see in your weekend. 

44 Rosny Esplanade, Rosny TAS

It doesn’t take a creative genius to strip off that faux-colonial garnish and see this magnificent 1966 home by notable architect Frank Stary shining out. And what a ripper it is! In fact we offer nothing but thankful-hand emojis that the interiors, oozing the warmth of timber, stone and sunlight through those huge north-facing windows, have remained as intact as they have. Lap it up.

10 Valley St, Trevallyn TAS

Anyone who love’s their retro homes in not only in superb condition but with a bit of extraextra crafted flair –  a splash of raspberry here, some beautiful built in joinery there – must cop a squiz at this lil’ ripper. Certain to go for a Lonnie song this snug home may never have been sold before and comes already complete with the full suit of hooley-drooly MCM furniture. Someone dearly loved this house, someone else now should be so lucky to take the reigns.

2 Wandeet Plc, Sandy Bay TAS

Kitchen bench top and black tile aside, this elegant eyrie is a picture of sleek Modern lines and era specific features in Hobart’s most fancy suburb, hence the price tag. Though no architects are mentioned we firmly believe there must be a name one behind this, it’s too thoughtfully laid out and grownup to be a mere Mid-Century collection of housing trends. No, this one has sophistication in spades and we’d hazard a guess one feel very urbane when simply pulling up in that carport. Very nice indeed. 

**Update** Owner, Debra has contacted us with a possible architect and a touch of Australian art celebrity!
“We think the architect was Harry Oldmeadow who did a lot of great residential work in Hobart in the 60s.
My parents bought the place in 1967 – I think it was built in 64 and the family have owned it ever since.
Also it was the Hobart home of artist Lloyd Rees – his paint splashes are still on the wall of his old studio.”

57 Amy Street, West Moonah TAS

There’s a number of these little weatherboard groovers on the market in Tasmania right now but Amy is the most jaunty. Who can say no to that skillion roof, beautiful living with fireplace, Fonzie flat/rumpus downstairs, terraced garden beddery and all that retro joy of that kitchen lino and perfect ironwork pulling you in the front door like a fish on a hook. We know this little charmer is going to hit those who long for a bargain c.1960 pad with million dollar views, straight in the heart.