4/16A Richardson Ave, Claremont WA

There’s something delightfully palate-cleansing (after such recently rich fare), to look over this elegant, original 1950s (?) apartment. This is not your usual 60s unit block cutie-pie either- but a very considered design, arrangement of space, walls and full-length windows with simplicity at the fore. And we’d dearly love to know the architect responsible.

21 Kinross Cres, Floreat WA

Though some agents, owners and renovators are starting to mistakenly conflate ‘Palm Springs’ domestic architecture with slapping white paint everywhere and planting a few succulents, this residence we feel strikes a pretty good and relatively considered tone. The old listing pictures attest to the care and sparkle these owners navigated,  removing some nasty colonial touches (the usual offenders – kitchen, front door) and snazzing her up without going overboard. No doubt they will be handsomely rewarded for taking an already wonderful and mostly original home and getting it looking super-fly with contemporary flair and Mid-Century Modern pedigree rejoining forces very amicably.

6 Banool Cres, City Beach, WA

It’s hard to work out which and what has been altered quite when (though there is mention of 1971, we can’t be convinved those glass bricks appeared that early. However, it doesn’t change the fact that this is a landmark party pad to rival any of the nu-masions which now populate the beach suburbs of Perth with hella more character and style. Get up and get down. 

59A Hale Road, Wembley Downs WA

This cutie-pie and deceased estate has just been snapped up and we suspect its days may be numbered. So if we cannot preserve that stunning fireplace (among other lovely Mid-Cenutry aspects) in reality, then the very least we can do it always keep it here for reference for when people wake up to themselves and seek to create such beautiful features once more.

110 Alexander Cve, Dianella WA

This is perhaps the most affordable home we’ve seen in Perth in a long time and what’s more it’s a sensational, untouched gem (we suspect 1960s project home) for a true Modernist Australian to get in there and make it their own. Beams, joinery, dividing walls, light fittings, yard & pool. Any dreamers out there ready to make a reality move this morning?

Cottesloe WA

The second of the Cottesloe rental finds, this one a bona fide, pedigree, never-before-sold-or-leased rarity by Perth’s own MCM legend, Iwan Iwanoff. Not that you need us telling you that  – the quickest of glances here shows off the man’s trademark, Aztecian blockwork before you even get near the threshold. And like yesterday’s example, this too fills us with unmitigated joy at not only finding a true slice of Perth Modernist architecture, but one sustaining nil damage in the form of poor, prior renovations. From what we understand, this has undergone an intense refurb yet is remains completely loyal to Iwanoff and his unrestrained, European fair. The dark timber detailing, walls of concrete grey and white (an unusually appropriate use of the dreaded blanc – to our minds) and beautifully veined stone, echoed in sections of marble. Topping off the glory is the residential version itself – perhaps the only ‘townhouse’ the master designed and built, again unusual for an architect whose primary language was voluminous family residences.
MCM sandgropers, this is at least worth a gander (if renting is out of the question) as it’s not often such hitherto unknown examples of your own design legacy open their doors.

55 John St, Cottesloe WA

While taking the Googs for a spin this morning, we’ve stumbled across this residence for which there’s not much to say except – COULD THIS BE THE MOST ELEGANT RENTAL WE’VE EVER SEEN IN PERTH?!
Okay, we’ve claimed down a bit, but honestly, this is an eye-widening find of consummate design, craftsman joinery with an inspired refurb (we assume? We’ll just ignore that flooring for now) and presents as nothing less than a residence of supreme architectural purity so seldom now seen anywhere in the country, let alone the wild west. We have no idea who is behind this, in what year it was built (the inbuilt timber suggests a distinct Mid-Century flair (we’re guessing mid 60s?) nor who has so beautifully looked after it since. All we know it that it’s magical find like this which add a so much joy and hope to our day. Click and die. 

4 Lumeah Court, Darlington, WA

The Modern purists and retro-heads may balk, but for those who love nothing more than a high-waisted flared jean, acoustic jams and a psilocybin-laced discovery workshop, then have we got the place for you! Sure to be right on the edge of 70s/early 80s with the pine paneling only retreating where the slate, Japanese tile and Persian rugs start, this is one in an impressive canon of residences by the Perth renowned architect, Lynthorne Matthews (perhaps considered a later era twin-star to Melbourne’s earthy Alistair Knox?) and bears his trademark soaring cathedral ceilings, wild angles, split levels, natural light and the incorporation of nature (in this case a creek) within the built footprint and material choices, cannot help but draw a grin from even the most jaded, last century architecture nerd. This is one singular, boomer, hippy chateau in stunningly unsullied condition, just waiting for a new set of longhairs* to take it on. Jump in that bedroom hot-tub, spark one and turn up The Dan!

‘Built Perth’ A New Book on The Shelves.

In the recent tradition of local, illustrated architecture street guides comes a new offering from WA and the first in the forthcoming series. ‘Built Perth’ by Tom McKendrick and Elliot Langdon is a satchel sized, hardcover publication containing gorgeous illustrations, maps and histories of 50 selected buildings which lay in our western capital. Not meant to be a ‘Top 50’ but rather picked as the most affecting, most arresting or in some cases the most passed-by landmarks in the local streetscape, ‘Built Perth’ offers a lovely, accessible guide to many examples of the cities architectural footprint, including of course some ripper Mid-Century Modern examples including the Perth Concert Hall and Iwanoff’s Paganin House (which as you may recall rose pheonix-like from the ashes a couple of years back).

Written and illustrated by trained architects, their intelligent eye and beautiful artwork make this book the perfect gift for the MCM lover in your life (remember Chrismas is but 3 months away!). 

‘Built Perth’ was released this week and will be available in your most frequented indie and artsy bookshops as well as directly from the publisher.

11 ‘Melview’ 439 Canning Hwy, Melville WA

An impeccable townhouse of notable pedigree, number 11 at the ‘Melview’ complex, (c.1967) designed by notable Mid-Century firm Krantz + Sheldon (a classic MA taxonomic variant; Marvelous Migrant Perth Modernism) is a lovely entree to the weekend. Come, let us all sit on that terrace, Cuban Highball in hand and watch the glorious sunset in the West. Oh yes.

Footnote – For more on the lives and celebrated work of this Mid-Century Modern duo and specifically Harold Krantz himself, The Museum of Perth is currently holding a very timely exhibition titled ‘Perth Apartments: The Krantz Legacy’ . Check it!