58 Mayfair St, Mount Claremont WA

A rather astounding find in WA. An early (for Australia) and most certainly architect conceived foray into Modernist theory of design and construction. With a boldly experimental construction on a large sloped site featuring double story walls of glazing over the lower living area, step-up split level open kitchen/dining zone and then following up the metal detailed staircase and balcony to mezzanine sleeping quarters bringing to our minds more than a passing reminder of Boyd’s own Walsh Street home – with perhaps even that same rosy carpet (?!). In close to total original condition, seemingly empty and never before sold we can only marvel at the possible history and Modernist Australian narrative contained in this property. We dearly hope it can all be revealed before the mechanism of the market decides to move in and erase any trace of it. 

Iwanoff captured – an exhibition.

Perth Modernists this month is yours, for as well as being able to peruse a current Iwan Iwanoff residence on the market in Menora, accomplished architectural photographer Jack Lovel is holding a celluloid celebration of the man and his works, opening on the 20th of this month! Get on down to There Is Studio in Northbridge to see ‘The Architecture of Iwan Iwanoff – through the lens of Jack Lovel’  for 10 days only.

“The Architecture of Iwan Iwanoff – through the lens of Jack Lovel”
There Is Studio
49 Stuart St, Northbridge (Cnr. Fitzgerald St)
Open 10-3pm daily
June 20-30


‘Frank House’ 5 Patula Place, Menora WA

Almost exactly 2 years ago we listed this Iwanoff beauty and here we go again because we’d never shirk the opportunity to show it off for those who may have missed it the first time. Very nicely refurbed and impeccably furnished it reaffirms the timelessness of classic Australian Modernist architecture in presenting as the kind of home which could have been built last year, rather than 50s years ago in 1969. 

For more Iwanoff goodness, check the upcoming Iwanoff photography exhibition in our news spot. 

34 Kingsall Rd, Attadale WA

Such a spark of joy alights our belly when we see a classic, though rundown, architecturally designed residence accompanied by encouragement from the agent to look up The Thunderbirds as a cultural anchor – especially in Perth of all places – yay! That said this home is still far from safe with the land size alone enough to condemn it but it would be a real tragedy to let this one go without a fight. It shows such solid signs of architectural provenance, with a sophistication of design far beyond just any old builder in Perth in 1963. And it lends itself to the most elegant Mid Mod of refurbs, under the right hand of course. West Australians, get there ASAP and check it. 

34 Wiluna St, Coolbinia WA

Despite the primary selling point being proximity to Dog Swamp Shopping Centre and even with a clutch of DIY photos which detail the inhabiters penchant for Nutella in far greater depth than say, even the suggestion of a floorplan, we can spot it. We can easily look past the unmade beds and blurred bathrooms to spy a freestanding stone fireplace with floating shelf, timber walls, underground carport, geometric frontage and various other markers of a genuine foray in Mid-Century Modern architecture. Rumoured to be the work of local architect Denis Silver, perhaps even his own home for a time, this sadly neglected little home is on a dangerous sink spiral. So tonight we yoo-hoo across the Nullarbor and advise y’all Perth Mod purists that there is a perfect little place waiting for one of you. 

With thanks to the eagle-eyed Alex for this one!

5 Woodhouse Rd, East Fremantle WA

A surprise entry from WA today with this sensational 1950s (60s?) home by celebrated (and still practising) architect Ronald Jack ‘Gus’ Ferguson. Already a statement residence it has in recent years been topped with a (to our minds rather extraneous) extension. However in an effort to not incite argument, peace is all we desire today, we’ll leave that aside and instead focus on the original home which has been treated and refurbed with due respect – hooray! 

PS –  While we’re over in WA, remember to tune in tomorrow night to Aunty for the rebuilding of Iwan Iwanoff’s Paganin House!

‘Booth House’ 59 Oban Rd, City Beach WA

Though, to our minds, not exuding either the early, simple elegance of his 1960s projects, nor the wild, dynastic richness of some later landmarks this 1970’s commission by Iwan Iwanoff (extended by the man again in 1973) is still acceptable with its low-slung, Palm Springsy vibes, albeit blanded way out. The feature pool area and those towering pines out front, a layer of extra delicious icing on a pleasant MCM cake. 

116 Lorimer Rd, Beeliar WA

Our big takeaway from 2018? That although the earlier incarnations of Mid-Century domesticity will always have their fierce admirers – a 1950s Boyd cottage here, an early 60s apartment complex there –  there is currently a massive wave of love crashing over the terracotta tile, exposed brick and timber bathrooms of the most purely Australian, later Modern homes. We knew the socials would (and always did) fire up the most for beautiful expressions in these generally hefty listings of an unabashed earthy and indigenous aesthetic. The Sibbels, KnoxesMerchant Builders and Sydney Schoolers all having a moment and fanning out in desire far beyond the usual roll call of architectural and design nerds. Maybe it’s the the last babies of the 70s retreating into their first home memories; the softness of sound absorbing carpet, living spaces of both light and shade and the economic stillness of natural climate regulation. Who knows? However, our gut points to it being just the start and that we’ll see it build even more this year – in decor, design and appreciation all round, and if that means an end to mindless render, white-outs and down lights then let’s celebrate and set the first drop with this absolute stunner from the acres of outer Perth. 

7 Howes Crescent, Dianella WA

For those who know what they’re looking at it’s never difficult to spot beautiful MCM homes wherever they pop up. Take this classic residence in WA, in a suburb known for its Mid-Century offerings and from the get go we can tell it’s something a little special – that flat roof, carport, breeze block and massive windows forming its low-slung countenance instantly suggesting an architect’s hand (any thoughts of who it’s could be peeps? Perhaps a project design?) The interiors, though fancifully decked in chandeliers, high-gloss flooring, blanca schema and 80s bathrooms, cannot totally conceal the original flat beamed ceilings, brickwork and pragmatically modern spaces. Similarly the backyard which although accessorised in drab and dreck still screams bossa-nova, mid-60s glamour not least that the entire wall of windows looking onto the patio and poolside. Once again this is a ripper MCM project only needing the most superficial (and thus fun!) of refurbs and landscaping to bring it back to its rightful realm of swingin’ party pad. We can see the blow up swan in that pool already.